Eye Lens Progressive

Eye Lens Progressive

Progressive lenses can be called progressive addition lenses (PAL), progressive power lenses (PPL) or graduated prescription lenses.
What are progressive lenses?

Multifocal lenses help people see clearly across all distances, without the need to switch lenses. An alternative to bifocals or trifocals, they correct refractive errors like  (age-related change in the focus system of Eye,

How do they work?

A channel (or corridor) of different lens powers runs down the front of a progressive lens. This seamless channel allows the wearer to look up to see objects at a distance, look straight ahead to see objects at middle distance, and down to read or do other close-up activities without changing lenses.

What are the benefits?

Progressive lenses are often preferred aesthetically as they don’t have the visible line that marks the two different zones of a bifocal lens (or lines, in the case of a trifocal lens). Instead, progressive lenses provide a seamless graduation of lens strength. This avoids the jump in vision a wearer gets with bifocals and trifocals, and actually trains the eye to improve vision.

Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision.

Progressive Lenses

Lenses With A Latest Technology For A Sharp And Comfortable Vision

In people who are maturing (in their 40s or older), vision problems might occur sooner or later in life, resulting in reduced eye power and deteriorated vision health. And, this is where progressive lenses come like a blessing because they are considered as the most natural way for achieving a clear vision. They are multifocal lenses that are designed to offer you with a seamless progression of varied lens powers for all viewing distances.

One Lens And Three Invisible Zones

Made using state-of-the-art optical technology, progressive lenses provide greater comfort level to the wearer helping him maintain clear vision at all distances- near, far and intermediate.

Since, progressive lenses encompass a graduated range of vision varying from a distant zone to closer objects including intermediate zone, it creates annoying distortions in the lens periphery. However, with the advancement in technology, the design and production methods (computerized modelling and digital freeform manufacture) of these lenses have evolved over the years. And, today, you will find these progressive lenses with precise curves on surface of the lens and reduced peripheral distortion. This offers you with a better, clear and seamless vision.

Consult an eye care professional who will do his analysis about the vision health of your eyes to suggest you with the right types of progressive lenses.

There are a number of best progressive lenses brands in India like Pellucid exclusively available on eyelensathome.com The progressive lenses cost in India starts from 2199 INR for Pellucid standard lenses and 2690 INR for superior Pellucid lenses. The progressive lens price usually differs from brand and to brand and for the kind of quality offered.

progressive lenses provide a graduated range of vision varying from a distant zone to closer objects including intermediate zone, allowing you to see comfortably. Progressive lenses are ideal for those suffering from presbyopia in which they struggle reading up close which leads to eyestrain and headache.

To keep your progressive lenses away from scratches and dirt and increase their lifespan, you need to take a great care of them. Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your eyeglasses. Use lukewarm water to wash away any dirt or dust particles. Avoid hot water. Apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid diluted with water on your glasses lenses. Gently rub with hands and then rinse to remove traces of soap. Dry your glasses using a soft cloth. You can also use spray eyeglasses cleaners for cleaning.

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