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We stock Frames more than 10000 of Model, shapes, size and color. Since being in the industry for such a long time we can offer a wide range of frames of almost all the leading Brands in the market. We can assure you the best of quality in the market. Being in this industry since 1978 we are passionate about optical industry and want customers to buy more and save.


From where you buy frames is actually less important, whats more important is: Are you buying the right price? Let it be anywhere! the question is, are you buying quality optical frames and lens at  best price?


Just follow these steps before buying any optical products


  1. Click a picture of the Frame/Brand you wish to buy and take a estimate price from the shop.
  2. Look for size, style, shape, or material
  3. Sent us the picture and we sent you a set of frames which are suit for you & compare prices of same models and quality at your home.
  4. If you does not like our collection you can buy from the showroom, we guarantee you the best price and maximum value for money or visit our framesite.