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Hoya Summit Plus

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 Hoya Summit Plus

Best value for Vision Aids, Guaranteed
(save 15%-70% Discounts on all  Eyeglasses)

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2) Eye lens Team Confirms the Deals through Mail/phone and sent you a link to Make a payment using your  card or  Cash on Delivery*,Instantly get Prepaid Postage Label to send your frames/

3) Print your invoice and Label mail your glasses with a copy of the invoice and your prescription to our World Class laboratory’s,

4) Wait about a week:That’s it! Our professional opticians will take apart your glasses, cut and install new prescription lenses and  ship everything back to you with either your old case or a new case and cleaning cloth with some Freebies.its that easy

Extended Range Available*

No quibble, no fuss guarantee.

Any problems within One months, we’ll put them right.

We guarantee you won’t find better value or we’ll repay you double the difference*.

 At eyelensathome.com, All of our lenses come with a “Perfect Lenses Guarantee”,we only sell the highest quality branded prescription eyeglass lenses from the world’s best makers.  and we personally review every lens order with Highest quality control. Almost all of the online dealers of prescription lenses sell low-quality, cheap lenses, which can lead to poor vision. Don’t cheap your eyes: buy the best from eyelensathome.com, at half the price charged by online stores or others

For more details on lens prices and to receive a free custom quote on your lenses simply whatsapp us at 8590022666.

Coatings Available *

Coatings available in HC, HVP,HVLL,HVLL BlueControl

Index Available *

Thickness of lens Available
1.50(Basic material)
1.60(MR-8)Non breakable lens up to 35% thinner and lighter

Photochromic lens *

Clear,Transitions Vll Available

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Hoya Summit Plus

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Hoya Summit Plus- The design that brought progressive lenses into fashion

Prior to Free Form technology, Summit CD was the first progressive lens to make smaller, more fashionable frames possible.Computers and virtual reality software once designed lenses so advanced they couldn’t be made, because the technology to produce them didn’t exist yet. HOYA developed the Summit family of progressive lenses during this era, including the Summit ECP, and the Summit CD (compressed design), which incorporated the ECP design into smaller frames.

HOYA’s patented Integrated Transmittance Control (ITC) Technology utilizes a 3-D virtual computer model to evaluate multiple visual criteria and deliver the clearest, most comfortable vision possible with traditional surfacing technology.

ITC Technology evaluates:
Prescription power (plus or minus)
How distance from lens to eye impacts focal powers

How frame and lens are positioned relative to the eye

Depth perception and how eyes work together

Digital life
From early morning until late at night we are using all kinds of digital devices, for work as well as for recreation. Think about laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions. As we access most of these devices at a short distance, our eyes are increasingly exposed to the light emitted by the screens of those devices. Moreover, this requires our eyes to switch continuously between photos, illustrations and text or follow moving images. Research* has shown that more than 34% spend 4 to 6 hours a day with digital devices, while 14% even spends between 10 and 12 hours a day. Blue light LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light. As the quality of such screens improves continuously, their blue light emission is increasing. Although blue light in itself is a natural phenomenon – it is present in daylight and helps us to stay awake excessive amounts can have an adverse effect and cause eye strain and fatigue.

Dispensing Tip:
Suitable for people who → spend a long time in front of computer screens and other digital devices → want more
comfortable and relaxed vision → want better contrast perception → want complete protection from scra

HOYA BlueControl is a coating that neutralises the blue light
emitted by digital screens, preventing eye fatigue and eye
strain. Additional benefits are:
• Reduction of glare
• Enhanced contrast
This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more
comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour

What your patients say
Research** has shown, when made aware of the harmful effects
of blue light, your patients are very convinced of the benefits
of BlueControl. After explanation, 78% of the target group find
these lenses attractive, and 58% has the direct intention to visit an
optometrist for more information. BlueControl therefore offers you
unique new sales opportunities.
BlueControl and Diamond Finish
BlueControl is offered in combination with HOYA’s unsurpassed Diamond
Finish anti-reflection coating. This durable coating offers 5 times more
scratch resistance than conventional anti-reflection coatings and adds even
more comfort to lens wearers.
• Neutralises blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue
• Reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
• Better contrast perception, offering a more natural colour experience
• Plus all the features of Diamond Finish!
Blue Control Multi-Coat
scratch resistant anti-reflective water repellent dirt repellent
HOYA BlueControl is a coating that neutralises the blue light
emitted by digital screens, preventing eye fatigue and eye
strain. Additional benefits are:
• Reduction of glare
• Enhanced contrast
This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more
comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour
**Millward Brown: “Consumer attitude towards anti-reflection coatings”. Research among 1,204 spectacle wearers
in 6 European countries. November 2012.
Diamond Finish Multi-coat

Management Principles
To realise the HOYA Vision, we have established a set of management principles that guide our every
decision and action. We translate these principles into action that contributes to economic prosperity, social
progress and cultural advancement, and strive to earn the trust of all those who have a stake in our success.
Commitment to society
HOYA always strives to be a responsible corporate citizen. We work hard to ensure that our corporate
activities are carried out with respect for the environment. We are absolutely committed to legal compliance
and ethical practices.
Commitment to customers
HOYA’s goal is to provide safe, high quality products and services that offer true value. We make every
effort to increase customer satisfaction by continuously improving the quality of our operations.
Commitment to shareholders
HOYA strives to increase corporate value by improving business result and maintaining growth. Our goal is to
pay fair dividends and to meet the shareholders’ expectations in return.
Commitment to employees
HOYA respects the personality and individuality of each employee. We offer employees opportunities to
maximise their initiative and creativity in a safe and fulfilling work environment. We do our best to ensure a
good living for all our employees.
Dedication to innovative management
HOYA constantly strives to create new value through innovation and creative technology. We make the
most of the advances of the information age with our worldwide management network. We take a global
perspective while respecting local culture and customers.

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