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Kodak Unique Lenses



Kodak Unique Leses

Best value for Vision Aids, Guaranteed
(save 15%-70% Discounts on all  Eyeglasses)

 Not sure what you need?

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How to Order

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     How It Works

1) Just click the “Customize this Product” or Fill our Form  button Below and select the lenses you would like and include your prescription.Click Here

2) Eye lens Team Confirms the Deals through Mail/phone and sent you a link to Make a payment using your  card or  Cash on Delivery*,Instantly get Prepaid Postage Label to send your frames/

3) Print your invoice and Label mail your glasses with a copy of the invoice and your prescription to our World Class laboratory’s,

4) Wait about a week:That’s it! Our professional opticians will take apart your glasses, cut and install new prescription lenses and  ship everything back to you with either your old case or a new case and cleaning cloth with some Freebies.its that easy

Extended Range Available*

No quibble, no fuss guarantee.

Any problems within One months, we’ll put them right.

We guarantee you won’t find better value or we’ll repay you double the difference*.

 At eyelensathome.com, All of our lenses come with a “Perfect Lenses Guarantee”,we only sell the highest quality branded prescription eyeglass lenses from the world’s best makers.  and we personally review every lens order with Highest quality control. Almost all of the online dealers of prescription lenses sell low-quality, cheap lenses, which can lead to poor vision. Don’t cheap your eyes: buy the best from eyelensathome.com, at half the price charged by online stores or others

For more details on lens prices and to receive a free custom quote on your lenses simply whatsapp us at 8590022666.

Coatings Available *

Coatings available in TC,CLEAR,PROTEC,CLEAN’N’CLEAR

Index Available *

Thickness of lens Available
1.50(Basic material)
1.60(MR-8)Non breakable lens up to 35% thinner and lighter
1.67(standard material) up to 40%thinner and lighter
1.74(standard material)upto 50% thinner and lighter

Note: 1.74 index Not Available in TC Coating. Available in Clear,Protec, Clean’N’Clear

Photochromic lens *


Note: 1.74 Transition GREY Not Available in TC Coating. Availablre in Clear,Protec,Clean’N’Clear

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Kodak Unique Leses


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Kodak Unique™ Progressive Lenses (Digital Free-Form)
Download Kodak Unique™ Lens Information:

  • Kodak Unique™ Progressive Lens
  • Kodak Unique™ Lenses
  • Kodak ECP Point-of-Purchase Form

Download The Latest Free Form Lens Information:

  • 2014 Free Form Lens Handbook
  • Free Form Progressive Lens Availability Chart (Updated 6-12-2012)


KODAK Unique™ Lenses are digitally-created backside progressives designed with Vision First Technology™.

Vision First Technology™ provides:
• A broad field of view in a clear distance area
• Smooth gradation of power across the surface of the lens to ease patient adaptation
• Gentle binocular balance for quick, clear object recognition
• Visual quality oft en compared to a single vision lens

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Digitally-created progressives start with a single vision lens where the Vision First design is incorporated onto the back surface of the lens with pinpoint digital accuracy.

The technology used to create KODAK Unique Lenses selects the corridor length for each patient’s Rx based on the frame size and shape, monocular PD and fitting height. This ensures the best overall visual performance for nearly any B measurement, large or very small.

State-of-the-art technology is applied at each step of the process. Once the corridor length is selected, diamond-tip highspeed cutting and integrated digital surfacing transfers the Vision First progressive design onto the backside of the lens blank.
After minimal polishing, the lenses are laser engraved and verified with the latest Wavefront authentication technology. A durable hard coat is applied using a dip-coat process for optimal results and a choice of KODAK CleAR™ Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings is added upon request.

KODAK Clean’N’CleAR™ Lens Coating is the best option with a slick super hydrophobic top coat that resists oily smudges and dirt, and repels water and dust to help keep the lens cleaner longer.

KODAK Unique Progressive: A wide choice of materials is available.
Complete Range of Photochromics
Transitions® 1.60 Gray and Brown
Transitions 1.67 Gray Only
Transitions 1.50 Gray and Brown
Transitions Polycarbonate Gray and Brown
Transitions Trivex® Gray and Brown
InstaShades® PolyClear® Gray and Brown
InstaShades EvoClear® 1.6 Gray and Brown
InstaShades EvoClear 1.56 Gray and Brown
InstaShades 1.50 Gray Only
Corning® SunSensors® 1.56 Gray and Brown
Corning SunSensors HPC 1.67 Gray and Brown
Life Rx™ Polycarbonate Gray and Brown

Ophthalmic Lenses in the Digital Age Digital technology has opened a whole new world of opportunities in lens production. KODAK Unique Lenses are created with the latest techniques in a state-of-the-art environment

Looking after your lens health

Without Anti-Reflection CoatingWith Anti-Reflection Coating

Kodak Anti-Reflection Lens coatings improve both the vision you experience through your lenses and the appearance of the lenses themselves.

8% of light becomes reflections on uncoated lenses; these reflections interrupt your vision, making it less clear than with a coated lens. They are also distracting for people looking at you as they do not have a clear view of your eyes.

Kodak CleAR and Clean ‘N’ CleAR Lens coatings virtually eliminate reflections on your lenses. They enable 99.6% of light to reach your eyes. The coatings are available on all KodakLenses, and are highly recommended for anyone who uses a computer, spends time in artificially lit environments, who drives, or who wants to improve the appearance of their glasses.

Kodak CleAR Lens Coating

Why make your eyes work any harder than they have to? Your vision works by processing light through your eyes, and ordinary lenses reflect approximately 8% of light away from the eye. However, you can gain clearer vision with KodakCleAR Lens Coating which works to eliminate all reflections.

Kodak CleanNClear Lens Coating – Anti-reflection with built in dirt & water repelling properties

Gain all the benefits of Kodak CleAR lenses with the added benefit of CLEAN- ability. Its hydrophobic properties also allows water to run off easily.

More info: click Here 


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