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Shamir Genesis Digital



 Shamir Genesis Digital

Best value for Vision Aids, Guaranteed
(save 15%-70% Discounts on all  Eyeglasses)

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Extended Range Available*

No quibble, no fuss guarantee.

Any problems within One months, we’ll put them right.

We guarantee you won’t find better value or we’ll repay you double the difference*.

 At eyelensathome.com, All of our lenses come with a “Perfect Lenses Guarantee”,we only sell the highest quality branded prescription eyeglass lenses from the world’s best makers.  and we personally review every lens order with Highest quality control. Almost all of the online dealers of prescription lenses sell low-quality, cheap lenses, which can lead to poor vision. Don’t cheap your eyes: buy the best from eyelensathome.com, at half the price charged by online stores or others

For more details on lens prices and to receive a free custom quote on your lenses simply whatsapp us at 8590022666.

Coatings Available *

Coatings Available in Hart Coat, Shamir Glacier uv,Crizal UV, Crizal Forte UV,Blue Sheild , Mirror

Index Available *

Thickness of lens Available
1.50(Basic material)
1.56(Standard material) up to 20%thinner & lighter
1.59(Air-wear),Non breakable lens up to 30% thinner and lighter
1.60(MR-8)Non breakable lens up to 35% thinner and lighter
1.67(standard material) up to 40%thinner and lighter


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Shamir Genesis Digital

Shamir Genesis is the ultimate precision-engineered progressive lens for accurate, individualized design for every angle, every vision zone and every prescription. Patients immediately sense the difference because of these benefits:

Peripheral vision is improvedAn object’s depth and dimension can be clearly perceivedEnhanced vision clarity in every vision zoneSoftest lens design for every vision zoneExceedingly thin lens because all vision zones are asphericDesigned for a variety of frame sizes – small and large

Shamir Genesis is the key to ReCreating Perfect Vision. Based on Shamir’s breakthrough Eye-Point Technology™, it is the first progressive lens designed through an exact simulation of the human eye.

Precisely what lenses need!

Extensive research went into creating Glacier Plus. It is the optimal lens coating that won’t wear off or scratch. It leaves the lens clear and free of distracting reflections, and it’s easier than ever to keep clean. Now, Shamir has made it even better with its new improved version. Glacier Plus UV provides all that, plus the most comprehensive UV protection for the eyes, blocking both incoming and rear surface reflected rays.


Shamir Glacier Plus™ UV

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV is a new coating available from Shamir that provides a cutting-edge, glare reducing solution and truly helps to ReCreate Perfect Vision.

The Importance of Layers

Glacier Plus UV Lens

 The Shamir Glacier PLUS UV coating process has been developed to be specially Matched with each of Shamir’s Certified lens Materials.Glacier Plus UV Number 1

 Shamir Glacier PLUS UV provides improved cosmetics utilizing Shamir’s glare reducing Matte FinishGlacier Plus UV Number 2 Newton Ring Reduction Technology.Glacier Plus UV Number 3

 Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s Hard Coat and SSGS+ Technology work collectively to provide a durable, “hard as ice” coating that provides superior scratch resistance and enables extended longevity of the coating. Glacier Plus UV Number 2Glacier Plus UV Number 3

 Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s unique Slippery Plus hydrophobic and oleophobic top layer ensures the easiest cleanability.Glacier Plus UV Number 3


Glacier Plus UV Image 2.png



The Building Blocks Of Shamir Glacier PLUS UV:


Glacier Plus UV Image Title 1

The basis of Shamir’s successful Shamir Glacier PLUS UV coating is the Shamir Certified Blank*. We run our certified blanks through a comprehensive validation process, allowing us to develop a premium coating based on the properties and characteristics of those substrates.


Glacier Plus UV Image 3


Glacier Plus UV Image Title 2

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV features a durable and tough surface. By understanding and defining the components for a cohesive bond with Shamir’s specific materials, a unique Material Match HC process has been developed for Shamir Glacier PLUS UV.



Glacier Plus UV Image 4



Glacier Plus UV Image Title 3

A process has been defined of applying not only a specific Hard Coat to Shamir materials, but the AR stack has also been developed as a precise “recipe” based on the Material.

(SSGS+ Technology: Scratch, Static, Glare, Slippery)



Glacier Plus UV Image 5

Glacier Plus UV Image 6

Glacier Plus UV Image Title 4

Glacier Plus UV Image 7





anti reflection icon


Enhancing visual comfort and style


Shamir Glacier PLUS UV diminishes cosmetic issues for patients; dramatically reducing glare with Shamir’s innovative Matte Finish as well as minimizing “Rainbows” with the Newton Ring Reduction Technology.



Provides dramatically reduced cosmetic glare on the lens and reduces visual glare for the wearer, providing a crisp, clear visual experience while still allowing for a super slippery hydro/oleophobic surface.


Newton Ring Reduction TECHNOLOGY

“Rainbows” are visually predominant in coatings whose substrate is not accurately matched with the properties of both the Hard Coat and AR coating applied.


Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s Material Match process ensures dramatically reduced Newton Rings (birefringence), providing an added cosmetic benefit for the patient.



Glacier Plus UV Image 8



super icon


Improved water and stain resistance


Designed with a Slippery PLUS hydro and oleophobic surface, liquids glide off Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s surface much like an object slides along a stretch of ice. This means lenses require less cleaning, which results in a longer lasting coating.



Glacier Plus UV Image 9


UV protection icon


A new concept in comprehensive UV protection


Shamir Glacier Plus UV offers a new concept in UV protection. Even lenses that claim 100% UV blocking, do not protect the eyes from the UV reflection that reaches the eyes from the rear surface of the lens. The new Glacier Plus UV coating includes extra UV protection that prevents the harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes.
That’s comprehensive UV protection!



Glacier Plus UV Image 10


Patient Benefits:

• Improved scratch resistance protects your lenses when it comes to your daily activities.

• Lenses are easy and effortless to clean.

• Enhanced anti-static properties repel dust.

• Protects your eyes with backside UV protection.

• Dramatically reduces annoying “rainbows”, for a clear view of your eyes.

• Reduces “visual glare” for a safer driving experience, especially at night.

• Prevents distracting “cosmetic glare” when someone is looking at you.


Available on all Shamir Freeform® lenses in the following materials:

Hard Coatings

Hard coatings are today a standard within an antireflection coating. Therefore lacquers are used which form an almost ideal buffer between the lens surface and the more brittle AR coating.

1. Benefits

Always recommended, sometimes a must

Due to their low density,  are extremely light and hence very comfortable to wear. They do have one disadvantage, however: their relatively soft surface makes them prone to scratches. To remedy this drawback, plastic lenses can be sealed with a hard protective coating.

Scratches on the lens not only lead to diffuse scatter resulting in blurred, “milky” vision, but are also a cosmetic drawback. The approx. 2 µm-thick hard coating makes the surface more resistant to scratches and therefore increases the durability of the lens.

Learn more

2. How It Is Produced?

The hard coating of plastic lenses using a dip lacquer is a very young technology compared with the AR coating technique introduced in the field of ophthalmic lenses for the first time in 1959. Although the plastic lens Clarlet was launched on the market as long ago as 1963, the first hard dip coating was not introduced until two decades later. Shamir offered the first Clarlet lenses with a hard dip coating in 1986. Ten years later, the hard coating had already become an indispensable standard coating for plastic lenses.

Today, up to 9000 plastic lenses are provided with a hard lacquer coating in the central production facility of Shamir in Aalen, Germany every day.

Learn more

3. Dipping & Vacuum Deposition

A Comparision

Apart from so-called “wet-chemical” techniques, vacuum deposition processes can also be used to seal lenses with a hard coating. However, the deposited material – quartz (SiO2 ) – is very brittle. Scratches often break open the lens coatings completely to form numerous hairline cracks over the lens surface. The lens soon assumes a “milky” appearance which impairs its imaging properties.
Scratches on a hard lacquer coating, on the other hand, cause much less damage to the surface of the sealed lens. Both the optical quality and the cosmetic appearance of the lens remain intact for a longer time. This is why only the “wet-chemical” technique is used at ZEISS to produce hard lacquer coatings.

Learn more

4. High Quality

High Quality

The High Quality of Shamir Hard Coatings

Since the introduction of the first hard dip coating at ZEISS in 1986, the quality of the coatings has been constantly improved. The result: all hard-coated lenses from ZEISS now display a high quality standard.

The use of newly developed plastics for spectacle lenses means that new, high-performance lacquer systems are also required.

Learn more

5. Super-high Index

Super-high Index for Lens and Hard Coating

After Carl Zeiss was Europe’s first manufacturer to succeed in polymerising a plastic lens with the super-high index 1.665 for batch production, the company focused its attention on enhancing the coating structures used for this material.

The result: a high index hard coating is also used for the high index lenses ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.67 and ZEISS Single Vision Sph 1.6. One of the benefits of this specially matched coating is its high adhesive strength and hence its outstanding durability. Another decisive advantage: annoying interference is avoided, resulting in a cosmetically attractive lens in every respect.


Taking UV protection to a new level

We all know UV can damage our skin. But what about our eyes? UV can seriously damage your vision.

Normal UV protection helps shield your eyes from rays that pass through the front of your glasses. Crizal UV goes further, protecting your eyes from UV light reflected off the back surface of your lenses too.

Crizal UV lens are available in thin and light options. Ask your optician for details.


Crizal UV give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against

Essilor’s exclusive anti-reflective technology is applied to both sides of the lens so that it also blocks reflected UV rays, which can account for up to 50% of exposure.

These lenses comes with E-SPF* 10 rating. Know more about

Crizal UV lenses comes with Titus hard coating making it a more durable against daily wear and tear.


Taking UV protection to a new level .

We all know UV can damage our skin. But what about our eyes? UV can seriously damage your vision.

Normal UV protection helps shield your eyes from rays that pass through the front of your glasses. Crizal Forte goes further, protecting your eyes from UV light reflected off the back surface of your lenses too.



Crizal Forte UV give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against damaging UV light.

Essilor’s exclusive anti-reflective technology is applied to both sides of the lens so that it also blocks reflected UV rays, which can account for up to 50% of exposure.

 More info: click Here


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