Return Policy

We guarantee that your new lenses will be fabricated exactly as prescribed. We are experts in filling eyeglass prescriptions and use only first quality lens materials. Eyeglass lenses for your frames are custom made specifically for you and therefore cannot be returned for a refund.

Prescription Guarantee 
We guarantee every pair of glasses will be made to the prescription provided and free from defects in material and workmanship. All prescriptions are filled as is without compensations or changes unless otherwise specified by the lens type or instructions.. Any eyeglasses that do not meet our high standards will be replaced when returned within 30 days of the original purchase.

Doctor’s Rx Changes 
Eyeglass lenses for your frames are custom made specifically for you and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. We guarantee accuracy on all prescription lenses or they will be remade at no charge. We pride ourselves in our workmanship – accurately filling your prescription is our number one priority. If your eye doctor changes your eyeglass prescription within 30 days, we will remake your lenses at a 50% discount.

Progressive Non-Adapt Warranty 
Our Non-Adapt Warranty allows for a one-time replacement of a progressive lens within 30 days of the original order if the customer who the lenses were made for cannot adapt to the lens due to fitting errors or prescription changes. This non-adapt policy applies only to the base price of lenses stocked in our lab. It does not apply to charges for options such as tints, AR coatings, rimless or drilled rimless frame type charges and the like, nor does it apply to progressive lenses outside our stock range that were ordered at the customer’s request. In the event of a non-adapt, credit will be issued for the base price of the less expensive lenses on either the original order or the reorder.

Warranty Returns

All warranty exchanges are processed under the respective manufacturer’s guidelines. If applicable, warranty exchanges will be granted for the same lens design, same prescription and options. No changes can be made to the original order upon processing a return under warranty. 

Scratches Warranty 
Factory coatings are warranted to resist scratching under normal cleaning and wearing conditions for up to twelve months from the original Invoice date. Covered lenses that are scratched under normal cleaning and wearing conditions are eligible for a one time replacement with identical lenses upon return to Eyeglass Lens Direct with the original Invoice. While coatings have improved greatly in recent years, no coating is scratch proof. Lenses returned with scratches that penetrate the coating and the underlying substrate will not be eligible for credit. Lenses that crack are not considered defective or covered as a scratch warranty. The scratch resistant warranty does not apply to sports eyewear, safety lenses, or mirror coatings. It does not apply to charges for options such as tints, AR coatings, rimless or drilled rimless frame type charges and the like. For superior scratch resistance we recommend selecting a factory scratch resistant coating. Trivex, Polycarbonate and High-Index lenses come with this option at no additional charge. Transitions VI CR-39 Plastic and most CR-39 Progressive lenses come with this option on the front side only at no additional charge.

Transitions Lenses 
All Transitions products are guaranteed to perform to the manufactures specifications for ninety days from the date of purchase. Lenses not performing should be returned with the original Invoice for evaluation and possible replacement.

We are not responsible for frames or other items lost in transit to us(insurance less RS 4000). Frames sent to us that are found to be defective and break as a result will be returned to you so that you may exchange them with the reseller from whom it was purchased. An extreme amount of care is taken with frames that are sent to us for processing but defects and weaknesses unseen can result in a broken frame therefore we are not responsible for the breakage of customer’s frames. We do not process lenses for non-ophthalmic frames.

Note: All remakes must be done within the time period allowed. Copies of original invoices and glasses we made must be returned with each remake. All warranty remakes apply only for the customer in which the original lenses were made. A processing fee of RS 2000 will apply to all lenses remade under warranty. Eyeglass lenses for your frames are custom made specifically for you and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. If you have additional questions please Contact Us.

Thank You for choosing eyelensathome

Low Price Guarantee

It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and strive to keep our prices low, and SAVE you money!

Lens Restrictions

There are many different types of lenses, different prescriptions, and different frame types. To create a pair of custom eyeglasses, our lens lab must match your choice of lens type, prescription, and frame type. eyelensathome has built in five levels of safety measures to make sure that the combination that you choose will result in a perfect pair of glasses.

1) Information
We provided copious amounts of information on our website so that you can read all about lenses and make informed choices. However, there is a lot of information and we know how busy most people are! 

2) Other Problems
Many orders to come through out labs  that still have problems, or we may have questions about the order. Either way, we will contact you before we begin working on your lenses, in order to describe the situation, and resolve the conflict. For example, some prescriptions are too high for CR39 lenses. It is technically possible to make the lenses, but they will be very thick. In this case, we will contact you, describe the problem, and discuss alternate solutions.

3) Order Changes
Occasionally a lens order will make it all the way to our lab, and our trained lab technicians could find a problem. For example, on a high plus prescription and a large rimless frame, sometimes the edge might be too thin to be sturdy, and we will recommend a change. Or, you might want prescription lenses installed in a sunglasses frame with too much wrap. Either way, it requires a lab technician to spot the error, and again, we will not continue with your lens work until we have discussed the situation with you.

4) The eyelensathome  Famous Perfect Lenses Guarantee
If we do make glasses for you and there is a problem, we have a perfect lenses guarantee: If your lenses are not perfect, we will redo them or refund your money. Ordering prescription eyeglasses from eyelesathome is completely safe, because we will not let you make a mistake if we can help it. We have built in five layers of research, analysis, and technical expertise for your personal prescription glasses order.